LINCS LITTLE HENS - Rescue procedure

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Procedure of rescuing hens through us

This map will enable anyone wondering how to find us if you are planning on ordering any hens from Lincs Little Hens for delivery to Sutton Bridge.

Please STATE CLEARLY upon booking that you wish to collect hens from Sutton Bridge (alternatively, you can collect from the A1-junction to be confirmed).
We will then confirm that you are on the waiting list and when a rescue approaches, you will be given a date to expect your hens. Take this time from being told you are on the waiting list to make/buy your hens house, fence off any area you'd like your hens to be in and generally prepare for their arrival.
Each hen requires a donation of £2.00 per bird but any extra is always gratefully received as the £2.00 is never enough to cover fuel, food etc.... You can pay by paypal in advance to our main email address which is or cheque payable to Lincs Little Hens or by cash on the day whilst collecting your hens.

On the rescue date, your hens will be collected from the farm by volunteers and taken given a general health check. Your hens will then be transported to Sutton Bridge  or the A1 for collection by you. It will usually be evening time when your hens arrive in Sutton Bridge as we have a days rescuing to do first.This is often for the best as the hens are calmer later in the day.
When we book you in, we will also allocate you a time. Please try to stick to your time as otherwise you may delay someone else who has travelled much further than you have. You can see from the map and tinyurl where the meeting point is. Once you collect your hens, take them home and put them straight in their hen house and shut them in until next morning.
In the morning you can let them out into their pen and ensure they drink and eat. You may need to dabble your fingers in the water so they know what their new water supply is in and you may have to tap the food as though making a pecking sound as this reminds them of what they would hear in a battery cage when the food appeared.
Your hens will have had a very long shocking day and must be given a little peace to explore their new surroundings.
They have never seen the great outdoors or experienced freedom to even flap their wings. They've never been able to look up and see the sky or scratched in the soil. Hopefully you will grow to love your hens like we love ours and they will reward you with a few eggs which we always think are a gesture of goodwill for saving them from the abbatoir. If you don't want to collect your hens from Sutton Bridge and can drive to Norwich instead, you are able to.
IF FOR ANY REASON in the future, you are no longer able to keep your hens, please email us on  and we will arrange either new owners or collect your hens from you, no questions asked and passing no judgement upon you. All we want is for the hens to have happy homes.
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