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Photo Gallery

The following pictures are either taken during the rescues or are photo's sent in by their new owners of the hens settled in to new happy hen lives.

HILDA (below) happy rehomed with Sue Hayward-Ault

EDITH- Rehomed by Sue Hayward-Ault

Nugget, Pop & Doris-Matilda, owned by Mel Carroll

Feeding time at Mels place

Rehomed by Sue Hayward-Ault

owned by Sue Hayward-Ault

SYLVIA- rehomed by Sue Hayward-Ault

Nelly owned by Mel Carroll

Mel Carroll's rehomed hens

Rian with Daisy

Hilda & Sylvia- rehomed by Sue Hayward-Ault

Treat time- Sue Hayward-Ault's girls

Sue with Pru

We have, on occasions brought cockerels back for people too.
This one is called Ninja who went to live with some ladies at Terrington St Clement.
He was lovely.
we don't just bring hens back