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Favourite Links

The following is a list useful links that we have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send us an e-mail at

0845 017 9422

Little Hen Rescue are working on permanent premises South of Norfolk, and rely on the good will of sponsors, farmers and re homers a like. They are constantly working extremely hard to rescue battery and barn hens and placing them in loving pet homes.

Hen Rehomers UK are a small independent group which was started with the purpose of rehoming hens who would otherwise be slaughtered.


This information was written by myself to produce as leaflets to give to hen rehomers at Little Hen Rescue when purchasing hen items from our on site shop on rehoming days.

I hope you will find them of interest. The first rehomers leaflet is a Word Document but the others are PDF's so you will need Adobe reader to view them.

Rehomers help leaflet

Apple Cider Vinegar leaflet

Purple Spray leaflet

Fresh Eggs?

Any further useful information sheets will be added once written.

A Family run Fenland smallholding where the health & quality of their poultry is of the utmost importance. They are a lovely couple and also sell hatching eggs, housing and other things a poultry keeper will need.


Paul Chapman's Chicken Art- Livestock promotional products & gifts. Beautiful business cards, birthday cards, clocks, posters, mugs etc... (Recommended as I received one of his "Get Well Soon" cards and it's lovely.) Based in Norfolk but they visit larger Agricultural shows.


Not related to the cause of ex batts but we did get a Pekin Bantam cockerel from Little Hen rescue that someone didn't want so we joined their relevant forum and bought him 2 wives. Pekins make ideal little pets and we've just hatched our first 8 babies by incubation.


We commissioned SCA-ART to make our great hen silhouette we designed for our blog into a vinyl graphic for our vehicles and windows. We have previously bought other graphics from them and found excellent service and quality graphics. (Their Guinea pigs are fantastic)

You too can now purchase our hen design in BLACK, WHITE, SILVER, GOLD, RED, YELLOW, LIGHT BLUE, DARK BLUE, AQUA GREEN or PINK. Each one measures 150mm x 150mm and costs £2.00 with £1 P&P but free postage for additional graphics. Have a look for yourself. The sell beautiful guinea pig graphics and birthday cards etc... too. Please click the SCA-ART title to be taken to their eBay listings for pet vinyl graphics.














Click to join Ex-Battery-Hen-Forum

Click to join Ex-Battery-Hen-Forum

Poultry Forums

Talk about "hennything" chicken related. Ask advice about starting up, health problems etc....[Yahoo Group]
The Practical Poultry Magazine forum with lots of valuable advice on all varieties of poultry.
An informative ex battery hen forum
Forum for anyone wishing to lead the simpler life or a life of self sufficiency. A bit of everything here!
Enjoy the forums. We hope you find out anything you need to know from joining one or all of them. Personally we use the Battery Rechargers.